This weeks gin is a classic take, on well a classic. Presenting Hendricks Amazonia Gin. We serve this with Indian Fever Tree Tonic Water, a slice of lemon and a cutting of rosemary.

This week we have chosen a brand new gin, KUPU, from Hawaii for you to try. We serve this gin with a slice of lemon and sprig of rosemary.

Our gin this week to try comes from the USA. We serve this gin with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary.

This week we are serving Engine Oil gin from Italy. And with a design as good as this where else would it come from?!

This week we are featuring a gin from Japan. Infused by a German distiller, this is a unique gin served with grapefruit and rosemary with fever Tree Indian Tonic water.

COMING SOON! Sample and enjoy our 3 in-house gins conceptualised here at The Gin Library.  You will be tasting: 1. Mr Pugsby’s London Dry Gin Carefully crafted by Mr Pugsby, the legendary companion of Senhor Raposa. This is a classic London Dry Gin.

Visit The Gin Library, home to Europe’s largest gin collection, with over 600 bottles from 34 countries. Our collection showcases Baleia, our in-house gin, as well as Rocha Negra, both proudly distilled in the Azores on the island of São

24 YEARS. 103 COUNTRIES, 302 CITIES. 700 GINS IN THECOLLECTION (at the time I write this.) All to create the perfect Gin & Tonic. And now I want to show you what I have learnt. Visit the world renowned Gin Library,

During the dark days (and nights) of COVID we decided that we would experiment with friend and collaborator, Chef Urs to creating some of our own infusions. It was a good excuse for trying out some new gins. The idea

Baleia and Rocha Negra Gin bottles can be returned to us for cleaning and reuse here at The Gin Library. In exchange we offer a 2-1 G&T at the estate (see below for T&Cs.) If you are not located on