We have many different types of gin, tonic water to match each and garnish is individually matched to your drink. All of this of course creates waste. Something we are determined to minimise through our sustainability initiatives.

Local gin (of course)
Baleia gin is made here on São Miguel, created with local botanicals. Baleia and Rocha Negra bottles that are used at The Gin Library are washed and refilled each time.

Glass recycling
We use Fever Tree glass bottles for our tonic water. All the glass is collected and taken to our recycling facilities.

Local garnishes
All of our citrus is grown on the estate or is sourced from local farmers here on São Miguel. After use we compost.

Our botanicals, including rosemary, thyme and lavender are all foraged from our victorian inspired herb gardens.

Paper recycling
Boxes and other paper is all recycled as per the estate sustainability process.

No straws
We do not use straws or any unnecessary garnishes in our drinks so as to minimise waste.


Interested in knowing more. Check out our sustainability work as part of The solar Branco Eco Estate here.