Senhor Raposa's Secret Gin Tea



Inspired by the legend of Senhor Raposa.

The legend of Senhor Raposa is a long and storied one, almost lost to the foggy memories of time. Born on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. He was a curious child, running across the island of Sao Miguel on his own, discovering new sights and places. At school he would always be in trouble his teachers with his mischief as he looked out of the school window, dreaming about a wide world of adventure.

Early one morning as the sun rose, aged just 15, he jumped aboard a citrus boat to England instead of going to school that day. Here he made his fortune in the citrus trade between The Azores and London. He became the purveyor of exotic fruits and rose to the heights of the sophisticated English party scene.

A perfect Portuguese gentlemen, always with a G&T in hand. He would hold the attention of a crowd at the bar, all enthralled with his stories and tales of his exotic homeland, always with his loyal companion My Pugsby at his feet. He would talk into the night, with endless tales an island far, far away, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, known as Sao Miguel.

But no matter what London had to offer, his mind wanders constantly at night in search of further adventure. And so, in his 30’s he leaves the dull, grey skies of London to travel the world. Following the stars in the sky he and Mr Pugsby sail endlessly in search of adventure. From Japan to the humid streets of Singapore, European cities to discovering the wilds of the new world of America. Eventually he returns to the Azores, his birthplace. Now a wealthy man, unrecognisable from the little boy who sailed away all those years ago.

With him he brings his favourite cocktail, The Gin & Tonic, created with the best botanicals from around the world. He shares these drinks with his friends in his secret drinking den. These evenings of gin fuelled liberation go late into the night and guests become known as “Sociedade das Raposa’s”.

And so he lived in a large white country estate upon a hill overlooking Ponta Delgada. Surrounded by curiosities accumulated on his travels across the globe. To this day, no one knows his true identity, the gentlemen known only as Senhor Raposa, Mr Fox.


Helping to protect the ocean that surrounds the Azores