A Private Jet + 5 Dogs

So, yes, this got a lot of attention on social media. And yes, that is a private jet. And yes, those are my 5 wonderful rescue dogs who we moved from Hong kong to the Azores. Questions, I am sure there are questions. Let me explain what and why we ended up on a private runway in Germany, awaiting to fly to the Azores on a Gulfstream.

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, You do not change your decision to get there.”
– Zig Ziglar

The dogs were coming with us to the Azores. There was no question about that, no debate was needed. It was simply a case of thinking how we would do this. Being dyslexic, and having learnt from a very early age in the cruelest way possible at school, when a barrier is put in your way, you either find a way round or you cry alone about it. But, ultimately the only way forward would be on my own. No-one could help except me. There are a few people who understand this drive, to take the risks, the hard decisions and the anger, laughter or jealously that it may create. Sometimes, what is worse than the people who get in your way, is yourself. Once you overcome that fear, nothing stands in your way.

So when the problem came of how we were going to move our 5 dogs to the Azores, and all options were exhausted, I found a solution. The 5 dogs (and me) made it to the Azores safely on Dec 1 2018. We lost Penny and Ivy in the late summer of 2020. The other 3 have been joined by 2 rescues from Sao Miguel. And everyone continues to enjoy the beauty of the estate.