Baleia Gin

Baleia Gin was created in 2020 by owner of the world known Gin Library, Ali Bullock. Enjoy a Baleia & tonic surrounded by Europe’s largest collection of gin, expertly prepared for you by its creator. Named after the Portuguese word for whale, distilled overlooking the never-ending Atlantic Ocean on the island of São Miguel. Blending traditional botanicals such as juniper, citrus and rosemary with seaweed sustainably sourced from the waters around the island. Baleia gin has an exceptionally smooth flavour, mixing a touch of sweetness with the salt of the ocean. Every bottle and drink sold supports marine conservation projects in the region, through a donation to The Ocean Azores Foundation

Booking in advance recommended – Click here. Please note: Strictly adults only. Guests visiting The Gin Library are not permitted to bring babies or children under 16.

Creating Baleia
The idea for Baleia started in 2019 as COVID started to hit the news and took on real progress in 2020 as we had to close the estate to visitors and guests. With little to do but drink on my own surrounded by gin, I decided it was time to move up the timetable and create my own gin. “With over 500 gins in the collection, I sat there for a while, slightly terrified and excited at the same time thinking about what I could create. Once I figured out the name and the mission of the gin, with the idea of the ocean and whales at its heart it was time to reach out to friends such as Joao and our partners Lima & Quental to start thinking about making this a reality. It takes more than just 1 person to create Baleia, it’s a team of passionate people who make this happen.”

Baleia took over 1.5 years to get to the final edition. Over 58 batches were made using different amounts of botanicals in order to balance them against the seaweed. The result is an exceptionally smooth, new type of gin. It is one without the overarching flavour of juniper which is very deliberate.

Forbes article – Baleia Gin

“With Baleia (the name means “whale” in Portuguese), he is literally out to save the whales. His tagline is “From the ocean, for the ocean.” From, because local, sustainably sourced sea kelp is one of the key ingredients used in the distillation, giving the gin a distinctive, slightly ocean-y flavor. 

For, because Bullock has adopted a “buy one, give one” model, with one euro from every bottle or cocktail sold going to his Ocean Azores Foundation, a project he created to fund conservation, research and sustainable tourism projects based on all the islands of the archipelago. The goal is to increase protections for marine mammals and ensure their long-term survival. “

The Gin Library: Child Policy
Strictly adults only. Guests visiting The Gin Library are not permitted to bring babies or children under 16.

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