Going Viral (For Good)

One morning I discovered that one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies had submitted a fake award using immigrant’s deaths to win an award at Canne. So I wrote an opinion piece on LinkedIn, highlighting why i would not work with them. This went viral being viewed over 10 million times around the world. Shaken and bruised Grey returned the award, and based on what they said about me they were clearly not happy about it.

One of the quotes from my article,

“Grey won an award off the back of this. Did the champagne and caviar have a salty taste as you celebrated your win? Imagine the salt consumed by people drowning… A truly horrid way to die. And how many died while you partied away in Cannes? Hundreds, thousands? I guess we will never truly know as your app was a load of bullshit. Oh wait, it was in testing… Sorry, my mistake.”

Red the Linkedin article Why I will never hire Grey as an agency in my lifetime.

Articles include:

Digital Spy