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Visit Europe’s largest collection of gin here on the island of Sao Miguel, part of the Azores. Taste the local Azorean gins, Baleia and Rocha Negra as you learn about the history of all things juniper at The Gin Library. You are also welcome to taste one of the gins on display, choosing from over 500 in the collection. Ali is the creator of Baleia Gin and has spent the last 20 years travelling, tasting and collecting gins from all over the world.

Open every day at 5pm by reservation: BOOK NOW


Opening Hours | Reservations

Reservation for drinks in advance recommended – Book here.

April 1 – Oct 31
MON   Closed
TUS     16:30  – 19:00   | Gin Masterclass (16:00)
WED   16:30  – 19:00
THR    16:30  – 19:00    | Gin Masterclass (16:00)
FRI      16:30  –  19:00
SAT    16:30  –  19:00
SUN   16:30  –  19:00   | Gin Masterclass (16:00)

Nov 1 – March 31
MON   Closed
TUS     16:30  – 19:00
WED   16:30  – 19:00
THR    16:30  – 19:00    | Gin Masterclass (16:00)
FRI      16:30  –  19:00
SAT    16:30  –  19:00
SUN   16:30  –  19:00

Join The Raposas

Coming for Summer 2022

Created in the late 1800s upon his return to the Azores, Senhor Raposa would share stories of his adventures around the world in his secret drinking den. Special drinks and cocktails would be enjoyed late into the evening.

The only way to discover the secret drinking den is to become a member of the “Raposas,” is to be invited by Senhor Raposa himself. Read more.


Meet The Librarians

Senhor Miguel & Nuno

Meet the librarians who reside here at The Gin Library. Usually in or around The Gin Library, they won’t help make a G&T or offer any recommendations. But if you are fortunate enough they will sit on you.
The librarians

The Gin List


Welcome to Europe’s largest gin bar. Every single gin we have is listed for you and lovingly kept up to date (mostly.) We have over 600 gins in the collection, from over 34 countries and counting.
Check them all out here.
Gins at The Gin Library


Can we walk-in if we just want a drink or two? Yes, but it is on a first come, first serve, and while we try and keep room for walk ins we cannot guarantee entry.

Babies / Children under 16 are NOT allowed in The Gin Library: We are a location serving alcohol, designed for adult guests. We do not allow babies or children under 16 inside The Gin Library or Senhor Raposa’s Secret Drinking Den. They are welcome to be seated in the outside area if weather allows.


Taxi Service

The Gin Library is a short 5 minute drive from Ponta Delgada. Should you wish to take a taxi to us, we recommend Senhor Carlos, a very jolly and perfect English speaking taxi driver. He can reached on +351 915 056 375


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